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RFSL Ungdom is made up of local groups or “districts” across the country. Districts serve as a meeting place for young people who want to get together to socialize, arrange and take part in social events, or get involved with education about LGBT issues and work with queer policy.

The RFSL Ungdom Office in Stockholm is where you’ll find our federation chairperson as well as RFSL Ungdom staff working on different projects. We are able to answer your questions in Swedish or English. To contact us in other languages, an interpreter will be necessary, which we will try to arrange.

RFSL Ungdom Office

Telephone: +46 8 50 162 940
Fax: +46 8 501 629 99
Postgiro account number: 15 98 89-5


Visiting address

Sveavägen 59, Stockholm

Postal address

RFSL Ungdom
Box 350
101 26 Stockholm


Frank Berglund