Taking a norm-critical view

We try to take a norm-critical view in everything we do. That means that we challenge societal norms that contribute to people being categorized into groups where some people are seen as being normal and others as not being normal. Our view is that norms and power go hand in hand. To improve the situation for young LGBT people, people with disabilities, immigrants and other groups, we must therefore question many of the fundamental assumptions of society. We do this by taking a norm-critical approach.

An important part of our work is also spreading information about safer sex. We do this without taking a heteronormative or negative view of young people’s sexuality. Sex can be a wonderful experience, and knowing how to protect yourself can make it even better. Using these perspectives as a starting point, RFSL Ungdom educates young people so that they can form their own opinions on sexuality: so that everyone can have an active sexuality that he or she is comfortable with and not feel shame about his or her own body, or about choosing to engage in only a little sex, no sex, or a lot of sex.