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Riot through Borders

Break Barriers and Make a Statement Our “Riot Through Borders” T-shirt is more than just apparel; it’s a powerful statement against division and injustice. By wearing this shirt, you are expressing your commitment to breaking down barriers and advocating for a world where everyone is free to live without fear or prejudice. This T-shirt symbolizes solidarity with those who fight for equality and human rights across all borders.

Riot through Borders T-shirt.

In a world where boundaries often divide us, this T-shirt stands as a call to action for unity and justice. It encourages us to challenge the status quo and strive for a future where borders no longer hinder freedom and equality.

Wear this T-shirt proudly to show your dedication to a borderless world and inspire others to join the movement for global justice and equality.

100% organic cotton, 100% Queer

Measurements (cm)

Size Length Shoulder Armhole Short Sleeve Chest
XS 67 13 22 23 49
S 70 14 22 24 50
M 73 15 22 25 51
L 75 16 23 27 54
XL 79 17 23 27 54