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Silence is not an option; respect is a right! Introducing the “Statements” oversized sweatshirt, designed for those who refuse to stay silent. Featuring two bold patches, “Your Silence Will Not Protect You” and “Respect Existence or Expect Resistance,” this sweatshirt is a call to action. It’s not just fashion; it’s your voice against injustice.

Statements – Unisex Oversized Sweatshirt – Limited Edition

Wear this sweatshirt to make a statement wherever you go. Let it remind you and others that taking a stand is essential. Silence is not an option; respect is a right.

Material: Recycled Polyester , 100% Queer
Fit: Oversized for comfort and style
Measurements: Provided in centimeters for accurate fitting

Size Length Shoulder Armhole Sleeve Chest Waist
L 71 26 31 60 67 59
XL 73 26 32 63 69 61