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Every day can be a pride parade, join us in spreading the message

Unity and pride are at the heart of the “Team Queer” T-shirt. By wearing this shirt, you are not just showcasing your style but also declaring your solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community. It symbolizes the strength and resilience of our community, standing together against discrimination and advocating for equality.

Team Queer – Unisex Oversized t-shirt – Limited Edition

In a world that often seeks to divide, this T-shirt is a bold declaration that we are stronger together. It encourages unity and celebrates the diversity that makes the queer community vibrant and resilient. Wear it to signify your commitment to inclusivity and your belief in the power of collective strength.

Wear this T-shirt proudly to inspire others to join the movement for equality and to show that you are part of Team Queer – a community that supports, uplifts, and stands together.

100% Cotton, 100% Queer

T-Shirt front sizes (cm)

Size Length Shoulder Armhole Short Sleeve Chest
XS 67 13 22 23 49
S 70 14 22 24 50
L 75 16 23 27 54
XL 79 17 23 27 54
XXL 80 18 26 28 58