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Celebrate resilience, revolution, and bravery Trans power is about embracing strength, pride, and authenticity. By wearing our "Trans PWR" T-shirt, you are making a bold statement of empowerment and visibility for the trans community. This T-shirt symbolizes resilience, bravery, and the unapologetic celebration of trans identities, honoring the pioneers who broke boundaries, the survivors, and those we’ve lost.

Trans PWR” T-shirt.

Trans power is undeniable and unstoppable. By wearing this “Trans PWR” T-shirt, you are boldly declaring your pride and strength as a member or ally of the transgender community. This shirt symbolizes the resilience, courage, and empowerment of trans individuals everywhere.

In a world where trans rights are still being fought for, this T-shirt serves as a powerful reminder that the trans community is strong and vibrant. It’s a call to action for everyone to stand together and support trans empowerment and equality.

100% Cotton, 100% Queer

Measurements (cm)

Size Length Shoulder Armhole Short Sleeve Chest Waist
XS 67 13 22 23 49 52
S 70 14 22 24 50 54
M 73 15 22 25 51 56
L 75 16 23 27 54 58
XL 79 17 23 27 54 60
XXL 80 18 26 28 58 62