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Words of Power

Be Unstoppable, Celebrate Your Power & Live Fearlessly Our “Words of Power” sweatshirt is a testament to the strength and resilience that define you. Featuring words like fearless, relentless, and revolutionary, this sweatshirt embodies the qualities that drive you to overcome obstacles and make a difference. Each word serves as a reminder of your potential and the profound impact you can make.

Words of Power – Empowering Words – Limited Edition – Oversized Sweatshirt

In a world yearning for change-makers and visionaries, this sweatshirt stands as both an inspiration and an affirmation. Wear it to manifest your inner strength and encourage others to recognize their own power.

Material: 100% Cotton, 100% Queer
Fit: Oversized for comfort and style
Measurements: Provided in centimeters for accurate fitting

Size Length Armhole L.Sleeve Chest Waist
S 73 25 83 55 50
L 77 27 85 57 54
XL 79 28 86 58 56