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Newcomers Youth
project aimed at young newcomer LGBTQ people and young LGBTQ people who are going to or have applied for asylum between the ages of 15 and 25. The overreaching aim of this project is to increase the psychological and physical well-being of young newcomers.
Syntolkning: Newcomers Youth logga. Till vänster syns ett ”N” i orange under ett ”C” i svart. Bokstäverna har vridits ett kvart varv moturs. Till höger står ett stort ”Y” i blågrönt.

Within Newcomers Youth (NCY) We organise a variety of regular activities. Among other things, we offer legal advice, safe meeting places, activist workshops, and activist camps. Our aims are to increase the mental and physical health amongst our young LGBTQI newcomers and asylum seekers, work for better rights and political advocacy. We strive to spread knowledge about the problems facing LGBTQ asylum seekers in society, eg in the form of racism, homophobia, transphobia, insecurity, legal and social vulnerability.

To participate in our activities you have to be a member of RFSL Ungdom.
You can become a member of Newcomers Youth if you are an LGBTQ person who are going to or have applied for asylum between the ages of 15 and 25

The themes for Meeting Place are rights, safer spaces and creative processes.
The Meeting Place is currently held in 5 locations in Sweden.
The location of Meeting Place is sent to participants once the location has been confirmed.

If you have questions or are interesting in joining the Meeting Place,  please contact the nearest Newcomers Youth

Newcomers Youth offers free legal counseling, during the counseling you have the opportunity to discuss your case with an asylum lawyer and receive  support and advice in your asylum process from a children and LGBTQ perspective. You will be given advice on how to proceed with your asylum case and about where you may be able to go to get continued assistance. If you are located outside Stockholm, we are able to provide counseling via Skype or telephone.

To make an appointment, please email Alexandra Politidis Palm [email protected]

Pegasus Project in collaboration with Newcomers Youth now offers free mental health counselling for any member in need of talking about (for example) anxiety, depression, stress, violence, sexual abuse, or other topics regarding mental health. The counselling is for expressing feelings and thoughts, get help with coping with different feelings or thoughts, and get emotional support. It is not legal advice or therapy.

If you are located outside Stockholm, we are able to provide mental health counseling via Skype or telephone.

To make an appointment, please email Haris Eloy [email protected]

The activist camp is for those who want to engage in human rights and equality issues, and who is asylum seeker or newly arrived LGBTQI in Sweden between 15-25 years old.

By engaging in the activist camp you will get  the opportunity to meet other young LGBTQI people that are or have been in the asylum process all over Sweden

Date: July 22 - 26

Pre Register here: Activist (Summer) Camp 2020
Participation is free and costs nothing!

On the Newcomers youth website you can find more information about our activities and our work. There we have also gathered information about asylum and LGBTQ, for example what rights you have an how the asylum process works. 

Newcomers Youth: Facebook Page, Newcomers Youth: Website , Newcomers Youth: Instagram

The Newcomers Youth project is financed by Arvsfonden.
The meeting place in Stockholm is financed by Socialnämnden Stockholms stad.
The meeting place in Luleå is financed by Länstyrelsen Norrbottens län
The meeting place in Gothenburg is financed by Länstyrelsen Götalands län
The meeting place in Sundsvall is financed by Länstyrelsen Västranorrlands län.

Rättigheter för newcomers
Här kan du läsa om dina rättigheter som t ex vård, skola och bostad.
Här kan du läsa om registrering, Dublinprocessen, utredning, bevisbörda och beslut.
Lär dig mer om asyl
Du har rätt att söka asyl om du fruktar för förföljelse bland annat på grund av din sexuella läggning, din könsidentitet eller ditt könsuttryck.